Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A quick inspirational wall print

I'm collecting some prints, art and photos to make a small gallery wall by my desk at home. It's a work in progress. Both collecting the art, and the whole office area. The reason being that I share a space with my husband who worked full time from home until recently. Because he had work colleagues and business clients calling in, I was reluctant to make my space too me. Now I don't feel it's his place of business so much so, the time is right to style things my way.

I love the quotes in the Project Life Dazzle kit and because I have it in digital form, I resized it to fit on a 5x7 piece of card, printed it and put it in a frame. 10 minutes and done!

The same thing could be achieved with a physical 3x4 card by using a smaller frame, or mounting the card on cardstock and then framing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project Life | Jan 1

A new year brings a sense of a clean palette. A chance to change things, or keep them the same.

In 2014 I experimented with different sized layouts. I started off weekly and ended up creating pages within a month. I journaled more as the year went by.

In my head I'm a planner and I like consistency, but I've found I like a challenge and 52 weeks of repetition in the same format looks great (I pretty much achieved this in my 2013 album), but may not get done if I feel I'm stuck repeating the same thing weekly.

I'm glad I allowed myself the freedom to play around in 2014. From that I learned that I just need to go with what feels right at the time I'm creating a page. Forget rules. Have fun because I think I'd rather record my personality than feel stuck in a rut created from my own preset rules!

I'm a hybrid memory keeper, ie I use digital products along with physical products. These days I design my pages pretty much totally digital and then print out the cards and photos and slip into the pocket pages. I started with digital Project Life cards because I could access them immediately. In New Zealand we have to wait a while for new product and a few years ago there were limited places to buy it. Things have changed a lot for the better now. In 2013 I decided I wanted to have square corners because, well, I just like them that way. With digital products I can also tweak them or enlarge or reduce in size. My daughter has just started her own Project Life album using physical products and corner rounding:) I'll post about this soon because she's making an awesome job of it! It's nice to see both styles of Project Life together and our discussions have highlighted a few things.

This layout came together from our New Year's Day. It was a perfect hot summer day here. This year, I'm making pages within a month and I'm going to carry on with my monthly round up of journaling. My double pages may be about a day, or a week, a special event, or maybe just photos which tell a story together.

 Click to enlarge any photo

Supplies used:
  • Becky Higgins Project Life: Design A (left side) and Design F (right side), Midnight Edition kit, Dazzle Kit and Digital stamps from BH Stampin Up Day to Day, Everyday Adventure kit, 
  • Paislee press: Twenty Fifteen digital stamp and Hello Sunshine digital stamp (Sunny Days kit)
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Life | Dec 2

Because I concentrated on a photo book covering the whole of the Christmas season, my Project Life layouts are limited to 3 pages + the end page.

These pages summarize the gorgeous sky one Sunday evening at our place. I can't get enough of sunrises and sunsets. I wanted to add in the one and only family shot this whole year... definitely something I'll be attempting to work on in 2015. My plan is to get some more random un-posed photos, but we all need to be in the same place for that to happen... therein lies the challenge.

Also, just several photos of our time away in New Plymouth for Christmas. I'm expecting my photo book any day now, so will share some images. I'm getting quite excited to get that happy mail! I made the book as a one off for a reason but  I'm pretty sure I'll cover December Daily within my Project Life album this year because I don't like everything disjointed. We'll see when we get there.

I used the Project Life Dazzle kit for the gold filler cards here. "Notes' is a 3x4 card and the beauty of using digital is that I dragged it onto a 6x4 card to make a journaling card. Interestingly, my daughter has this kit in the physical form and I drool over the gold foil! Part of my what works for me post soon will be about why I use digital, and the pros and cons.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Design A pages, Midnight Edition kit, Dazzle kit
Ali Edwards Digital stamps
Paislee Press Digital stamps

Starting a new year and a new album is always an exciting time. An opportunity to reflect and decide what worked for me in 2014 and what didn't. Clearly it was a year of experimenting!

I'll be back soon with some January pages and my thoughts on what did work and will be repeated:)

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Project Life | Cover page

For the last 3 years I've made very similar cover page designs for my Project Life albums. The reason is simple... I love simplicity and I've found a formula which works for me. I say, if you like something, use it on repeat! It's my opportunity to create the most simple of page designs as a regular spread is more of a challenge with different types of photos.

From the outset I knew I was in love with that ampersand filler card from the Dazzle kit. I also used the Love you 3x4 card and because I use the digital kit, I was able to overlay 3 of the same card to make one 6x4 card.

I used a digital frame stamp on a 3x4 piece of transparency after much deliberation. I knew I wanted to use a quote on the following page and I had a vision to see through to it from the cover (as the
quote links in with my OLW and mantra). For a while I toyed with sequins in the pocket but decided the stitching to close the pocket may distract from the simplicity I was after. Big decisions, small decisions. It's all part of the process I love!

Then a simple word art stamp by Ali Edwards on the larger photo.
Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Design A page and Dazzle kit (digital)
Ali Edwards digital stamp
One Little Bird digital frame

Sunday, January 4, 2015

OLW 2015 | 1 perspective

Hello! A big hello if you're a new visitor and a big hello if you're a regular. Well, 2015 arrived with all the usual excitement for new beginnings. With it being summer holidays here, I'm finding it a bit hard to focus but I'm okay with going with the flow. While I'm busy just being present I sometimes get my best ideas.

I've had plenty of time to get 2 Project Life double pages and my 2015 title page almost completed so hoping to share them soon.

This morning I got up early and spent some time listening to the first One Little Word class and then working on the prompt and setting some Intentions. For me perspective is all about the way I see things and I want to apply this to finding the magic in my every day because that makes me feel happier, and to adjusting the way I view things, as in looking at situations with a more positive view point and I guess just finding more confidence to share my viewpoint.

I'm sure my work with this word will lead me off in other directions and I can't wait for that.

The word PERSPECTIVE is probably really a follow on from my 2014 word moment. That word inspired me to complete my Winter Magic project and I loved doing that so much, as well as finding that over 3 months I'd formed a habit of doing this. I decided not to carry on during spring but I started to focus on this again over December and the Christmas season.

I've decided to work on this as a year long project but not just as a series of photos and not 100% sure how I'll record this. Most likely in more than one way. I look forward to sharing more as I settle into this.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 | New plans for my Project Life

Yesterday I could finally reveal a secret I've been keeping. I can't believe how one email from Becky Higgins sent me on such a range of emotions within a few minutes. I'm very honoured and totally excited to be part of the Project Life Creative Team for 2015!

I'd just printed out this filler card from the Dazzle kit. Believe in the power of words!
Over December I've spent some time thinking about how I want to move forward in 2015 and how I want to record our memories. For a short time, I was almost going to go totally digital. But almost as soon as that idea formed, I started on my version of December Daily in photo book form. From about 10 days in, I knew that I was already missing having a tangible album and actual photos. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait for a year long (or even 6 month) photo book.

So what that means is I've changed my mind again (!) and decided to go with the best of all systems.

  • A 12x12 Project Life album for weekly/monthly spreads. 
  • A 6x8 album - a continuation of my Studio Calico class 30 Days of Me. I didn't complete this album and there's still lots of room left to add in some more personal pages. I plan to include some OLW work in this one.
  • An 8.25x11 Photo Book for digital stories. I've started writing down things about my children which I'd like preserved in some way. 
I was talking with my daughter last night and we had the same feeling about this time of year - the days between Christmas and New Year and how it feels like a void or lost time. I think of that in a good way. It's holiday time. A chance to finish Project Life pages for this year. Time to finish and order my December Daily Photo Book. Time to reflect. Time to make plans for 2015. 

Tomorrow's a New Year. Happy New Year to you all and may it be a year of learning, growing and wonderful things happening!

I'll see you on the other side:)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My 6x8 Album Title Page

While I'm deciding on a title page format for my 12x12 Project Life album, I started playing around with the idea of using vellum, much like the cover for my 30 Days of Me class 6x8 album. Then I decided to go with that idea for a title page within that same album... I only finished some of the suggested topics and have decided to continue the album as a personal viewpoint. I think I'll include things inspired by my OLW perspective.

The week before Christmas I finally got a family photo. I had ONE opportunity. I summoned the family, set my phone on a 10 second timer on the mantlepiece, and jumped onto the sofa. As soon as it clicked, Nicholas got up and left as I knew he would. I was grateful for any photo, but pleased with the outcome, albiet he had PJ pants on! That pretty much sums us up though.

Behind the photo, I enlarged a filler card to 6x8 to give a bit of colour. The heading is "Finding the magic in our everyday" which is my mantra heading into 2015 with my new OLW.

Now to finish my other title page:)

Supplies Used:
6x8 Album and page protectors: Becky Higgins Project Life
Filler card: Becky Higgins Project Life AT Cut & Paste Kit